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qt windows handle

LWA_ALPHA); } Qt/Windows использует такой подход, чтобы  В Windows функция handle() возвращает контекст устройства, в то время как winId() -- дескриптор окна. В Windows Qt может установить флаг, какой вы пожелаете.  Qt::HANDLE QWidget::macCGHandle () const. Returns the CoreGraphics handle of the widget. Qt/Windows использует такой подход, чтобы гарантировать возможность  В Windows функция handle() возвращает контекст устройства, в то время как winId.

The default depends on the system environment.

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A widget that happens to be obscured by other windows on the screen is considered to be visible. If destroyOldWindow is false, you are responsible for destroying the window yourself using platform native code. This property holds the y coordinate of the widget relative to its parent and including any window frame.

After scrolling, the widgets will receive paint events for the areas that need to be repainted. See also Transparency and Double Buffering. By default, for a newly-created widget, this property contains a size with zero width and height. Returns the last child of this widget that setFocus had been called on. Returns true if this widget is a parent, or grandparent and so on to any level , of the given child , and both widgets are within the same window; otherwise returns false.

This function uses sizeHint if it is valid, i.

This function is called automatically when the painter is opened on a QWidget. Policy horizontal , QSizePolicy:: This is useful for monitoring position as well as the auxiliary properties such as rotation and tilt, and providing feedback in the UI. StrongFocus if it accepts both, and Qt:: It it not possible to explicitly enable a child widget which is not a window while its parent widget remains disabled. ActionsContextMenu , and Qt:: A window can have a parent widget.

Changing this property from opaque to transparent might issue a paint event that needs to be processed before the window is displayed correctly. Use grabKeyboard if you want to grab that.

Member Type Documentation enum QWidget:: You must call show to make the widget visible again.. This special event handler can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive native platform events identified by eventType which are passed in the message parameter.

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Renders the widget into a pixmap restricted by the given rectangle. If the sizeHint is less than , and the size policy is expanding , the window will be at least , Note that the X11 version of Qt may not be able to deliver all combinations of style flags on all systems.

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If enable is true, the shortcut with the given id is enabled; otherwise the shortcut is disabled. An explicitly hidden widget will never become visible, even if all its ancestors become visible, unless you show it.

Translates the widget coordinate pos to the coordinate system of parent. If next is true, this function searches forward, if next is false, it searches backward. The scope for customizing the painting behavior of standard Qt widgets, without resorting to subclassing, is slightly less than that possible for custom widgets. The label shown by this code is masked using the image it contains, giving the appearance that an irregularly-shaped image is being drawn directly onto the screen.

QWidget calls this function after it has been fully constructed but before it is shown the very first time. If mouse tracking is disabled the default , the widget only receives mouse move events when at least one mouse button is pressed while the mouse is being moved.

Causes only the pixels of the widget for which bitmap has a corresponding 1 bit to be visible. This event handler can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive keyboard focus events focus lost for the widget.

I have to convert this to appropriate Qt class or atleast to QWidget.

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In almost all circumstances update is better, as it permits Qt to optimize for speed and minimize flicker. If no caption has been set, the title is based of the windowFilePath.

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See also maximumWidth , maximumHeight , minimumSize , and sizeIncrement. All info i have regarding that control is it handle. You can change this behavior by setting the attribute Qt:: Since QWidget is a subclass of QPaintDevice , subclasses can be used to display custom content that is composed using a series of painting operations with an instance of the QPainter class.

On Windows, if you are calling this when the application is not currently the active one then it will not make it the active window.

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