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бинатон телефон инструкция

Инструкции и руководства на Телефоны Binatone SPEAKEASY 5. Вы можете скачать бесплатно или читать их онлайн. Инструкция от вашего кухонного прибора BINATONE содержит важную  Приготовление пищи BINATONE - инструкции по эксплуатации. инструкция. Проводные телефоны - Радиостанции - Радиотелефоны - Сотовые телефоны - Факсы.  Инструкции по эксплуатации на русском языке - Binatone. Модель.

Press Yes to save the changes. From the home screen, press to access the Quick Number list. From the home screen, press to enter the Quick Number list. Scroll to the entry you wish to edit a nd press Option.

Телефоны Binatone

Scroll to Edit and press OK. If you wish to change the name, press Edit , then modify the user name using the ke ypad. You can store up to names and numbers in the ph one memory, but the total number of entries you can store in the SIM cards depends on the capacit y of your SIM card memories.

From the home screen, press to access the Phonebook list.

Телефоны. Программное обеспечение.  Все инструкции по эксплуатации техники на одном сайте, совершенно бесплатно.

Scroll to the entry you wish to edit. Press Option , scroll to Edit and press OK. Edit the name using the keypad. Press Option , scroll to Setup and press OK. Scroll to Speed dial and press OK. Scroll to Extra numbers and press OK. Press Yes to proceed and copy all the cont acts as specified. You can use th e Messaging menu to se nd messages to another mobile phone or a device that is capable of receivin g SMS messages.

Press Option to access the following options: Send Edit Delete Delete all Advanced Forward Delete Delete all Advanced Scroll to Templates and press OK. Enter the MMS message and press Option to: Press Back to exit, scroll to Common settings and press OK. Scroll to a message and pres s OK to read it. Please contact your network provider for a list of channel numbers and their broadc ast information. It includes a cal l settings option that allows you to set call-relate d options.

Scroll to Advance settings and press OK to set the following options: The supplied earphones work as an antenna for the FM radio. You must plug in the supp lied earphones to listen to the radio. Scroll to Channel list and press OK.

You ma y need a memory card installed for lo ng recordings. Press or to select your preferred qualit y. Press OK to confirm the setting. Press to reduce exposure or press to increase ex posure. Press or to adjust the settings.

Press OK to confirm. Press to start recording. T he video clip is automatically saved in Video player see View recorded videos on pa ge Scroll to the video clip you wish to view and press Option. Press OK to view the video clip.

Press Option to show the following options: New record Press OK to start recording. Each profile can be personalis ed to give different sounds for your Speakeasy accor ding to your situation. Scroll to Customize and pr ess OK.

Scroll to the function y ou want to change and p r es s OK. Ring only - ringer on, no vibrate Vib. Scroll to Settings and press OK. Scroll to the setting you wish to adjust and pr ess OK. Scroll to the option you want and press OK to confirm. Repeat mode Press or to select Once , Every day , or Custom. For Custom , press , then or to select the day, and On or Off to set the days for the alarm to sound. Or just Add if there are no stored tas ks. Enter the required information for each setting: Date Enter the date for the task using the keypad.

Time Enter the time for the task using the keypad. Press Option to show the following: V iew View details of the current task Add A dd a new task Edit Edit the current task information Search Search for a task by time or subject Delete Delete the current task Delete all Delete all tasks Jump to date Go to a certain date V iew uncompleted View all uncompleted tasks Send Calenda r Send the current task details to another device via text message, multimedia message or Bluetooth Save as file Save the current task as a file in file manager Check that the Bluetooth function is enable d on the Bluetooth device.

Enter the second number. Press OK to get the results. Press to clear entries. Press OK and the converted amount will appear. Press Start to start the stopwatch running and Pause to stop it.

For Split timing , press Split to add up to 20 split times, which can be saved at the end. For Lap timing , press Lap to add up to 20 lap times, which can be saved at the end. To access Ebooks, you must co py and save the file in the Ebook folder of your phon e or SD card memory, and the Ebook must be in.

Scroll to Ser vices and press OK. Scroll to the service you wish to use an d press OK. Consult your network provider for the service su bscription, data account information, and WAP settings.

Such remote settings include: Quick numbers, SOS numbers, contacts and alarm clock. When the phone had saved up to 5 SOS numbers, and you want to add another SOS number with the same name but different number, then the existing SOS number will be replaced with the ne w one. It can be changed See page Is there any power in the battery? Is the battery installed properly? Battery cannot be charged 1. Check if the charger is connected to the phone properl y.

Is the SIM card registered to the network? Is call barring enabled? Is calling prohibited due to unpaid call charges? Have you enabled the FDN function? The warranty does not cover any faults or defects caused by accidents, misuse, fair wear and tear, neglect, lightning, tampering with the equipment or any attempt to adjust or repair other than through approved agents.

Pack all components of your Speak easy using the original packaging. When the operating time becomes notic eab ly shorter than normal, it is time to buy a new battery.

Parts of the phone are magnetic and ma y attract small objects, so check there are no s harp items, particularl y by the earpiece. Важным пунктом после покупки устройства Binatone Speakeasy или даже перед его покупкой является прочтение его инструкции обслуживания. When you make a call, the handset will dial the network access code when you. When a call is routed via Indirect Network,.

Note — for Indirect Network to work, you must dial the phone number. Do not clean any part of your e with benzene, thinner or other solvent. When necessary, clean it with a damp cloth. Keep your e away from hot, humid conditions or strong sunlight, and.

Every effort has been made to ensure high standards of reliability for your. However, if something does go wrong, please do not try to repair it.

You can connect your e to a direct exchange line DEL — a line connected. The ringer equivalence numbers RENs of all instruments phones, fax. Try moving the handset closer to the base unit. Try a different position for the base unit — somewhere higher if. Other telephone line cables might not. Check that the total REN value of all equipment connected to. Disconnect one or more. If you went out of range, move the handset closer to the base. Move the handset closer to the base unit, or to a different position.

For example, in a two-storey house, the first-floor. You may be going out of range of the base unit. You need to subscribe to the Caller Display feature from BT or. The caller may have withheld their number by dialling Caller ID for example, it may be an international call. Contents of this User Guide. To bar calls to specific numbers.

Press PROG then 2 2 2. Key in the handset number 1 to 6. Key in the first barred number. Key in the second barred number. Press PROG then 2 2 1. DTMF dual-tone multifrequency , also called.

Каталог радиотелефонов Binatone

Network connection This equipment is intended to be used in the UK only. The Binatone e complies with the essential protective requirements and objectives of:. Binatone Telecom plc operates a policy of continuous product improvement, and so.

Using a multi-handset system. Make sure the other handset is in range of the base unit. Before you first used the handset, you should have left it on the. You may need to replace the batteries see below. Clean the battery charging contacts with a dry cloth. Check the connections between the base unit and the mains.

You need to replace the batteries. To find out how to obtain. Dispose of used batteries safely — never burn them, or put. You must subscribe to an alternative network provider before. If you have more than one registered handset, you need to turn. If you need help Calls are charged at Local Call rate. Before you can use the handset to. Please read the notes in Section 2.

Important note — emergency calls. The e is not designed for making emergency calls when the. So you should make alternative arrangements. This means that you should also have a basic phone that does not. You need to set the date and time if they are to be shown correctly on the.

Binatone(Бинатон) Инструкции по эксплуатации, форумы и руководства пользователя, сервисные центры, официальный сайт, история бренда.

Key in the date as a six-digit number. Key in the time as a four-digit number. To clear all Caller Display memories. This is a way of clearing all stored numbers from the Caller Display memories.

To reset the base unit. When you reset the base unit, you return all its settings to their defaults:. Call barring — none. Caller Display memories — empty. Indirect Network codes — none. The Binatone e is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase. The Guarantee does not cover damage by misuse. Please keep your sales till receipt — this is your guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you need to return your e to our Repair Centre. While the unit is under Guarantee.

Инструкция по эксплуатации Binatone Oval Twin XD | 90 страниц | Также для: Oval XD

Disconnect the base unit from the telephone line and the mains electricity. Pack up all parts of your e, using the original packaging. Return the unit to the shop where you bought it, making sure you take your. After the Guarantee has expired. If the unit is no longer under Guarantee, first follow steps 1 and 2 as for repair. Call our Service Department on and ask for a quotation of.

Make sure you include with your e Return your e to the address given by the Service Department. Waste electrical products must not be. This equipment should be taken to. When making a call, you must dial the number or select the. You may need to press and hold the R button for a couple of. Try this and see if it.

Отзывы › Техника и оборудование › Средства связи › Телефоны › Binatone.  Воспользоваться функциями без инструкции или телефонной книгой - нереально.

You should later be able to redial the number. When storing numbers in memory, you can include the outside. If your PBX requires you to wait for a second Dial tone before. You can also set up your e so that it automatically inserts a. Press PROG then 2 5 0. Key in the line access code up to four digits.

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