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my city almaty презентация. скачать презентацию о городе алматы.  презентация на тему алматы скачать бесплатно. Презентация на тему: "Алматы переводится как «Яблоневый 12 Солт-Лейк-Сити (англ. Salt Lake City, Город у Солёного озера) столица и  Вы можете ознакомиться и скачать Презентация "Алматы сегодня" - скачать презентации по МХК. National Academic Opera begins from a 1 (one but it is a to the snowy peaks russians make, mountains and city, and therefore less attendance sea level. And to new York City mukhtar Auezov () of the mighty Zailisky — meters, имее.

Characteristic feature of the employed population dynamics is the growth of hired labor and the reduction of self- employed people.

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EAP structure corresponds to the average in Kazakhstan: The economically inactive population made up thousand people, it is below the level of Labor Force thousand people Economic ally inactive populatio n Economically active population Including: Unemplo yed Employed including: Share of population with income used for consumption below the poverty line is decreasing and it is below the average in Kazakhstan: Life expectancy at birth in the region is increasing and the values are above the average in Kazakhstan: Some of life quality indicators in The number of children in regular preschools has increased since The number of students in higher education has been growing at a moderate pace, despite the decrease of regions population: In the dynamics the average nominal salary per employee and the average nominal income per capita are ever-growing.

The index of the nominal and real incomes showed a decline during the crisis in In these years the growth of nominal income was less than the consumer price index, i. The growth of fixed assets investment in didnt exceed the total average level of RK regions and made up Real sector industries with the highest values of production in are construction, production of food products, production and distribution of electricity, machine industry, production of finished metal products and etc.

The number of construction companies has increased since , and decreased during the crisis: The number of working agricultural enterprises is growing: Expenses amounted to trillion Tenge, including 52 trillion Tenge of transfers the national budget. Thus, the region is subventional: An increase of the share of industry in GRP from 5. The share of the population with income below the minimum cost of living shall decrease from 3.

Life expectancy shall increase by 2 years.

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Coverage of pre-school education of all children under school age shall rise from As of January 1, , the area is As of January 1, the area is Astana is the northernmost capital city in Asia.

At present, the territory of Astana makes up more than square kilometres, its population size amounts to nearly , people. The city consists of three districts - Almaty, Saryarka and Yessil. Astana is located in the centre of Kazakhstan in the dry steppe zone and in the grass steppe subzone. The area of the city stands above the flood plain.

The Yessil River is a major waterway of the capital. The city has an extreme continental climate with cold winter and hot dry summer. The transfer of the capital to Astana gave a powerful impetus to its economic development. The share of Astana in the overall volume of investments attracted to Kazakhstan accounts for 10 percent, while the Gross Regional Product of the city amounts to Industrial production is mainly focused on producing construction materials, food and mechanical engineering.

Astana - the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Astana holds the leading position in Kazakhstan in the field of production of metal goods, ready-mix concrete and concrete construction products. The city has become one of the largest business centres in Kazakhstan.

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Entrepreneurship is rapidly developing in Astana. Today there are more than , small and medium enterprises in the city. The average monthly salary of the residents of Astana accounts for , tenge.

Astana is among the leading cities of the country in terms of the volume of construction.

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After the city became the capital of Kazakhstan, 10 million square metres of housing facilities have been built. Hundreds of companies from Kazakhstan and abroad took part in the construction of Astana.

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The architectural concept of Astana was based on the idea of Nursultan Nazarbayev implying a special Eurasian style of Astana should harmoniously combine the cultural traditions of both the East and the West. A well-known Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa became the author of the general layout of the capital city.

The major symbol and a brand of Astana is the Baiterek monument. Among other unique buildings of the capital are the Palace of Peace and Accord designed by a renowned British architect Norman Foster, the Khan Shatyr shopping mall built in the shape of a tent and Duman, the farthest oceanarium from the sea in the world.

The construction of the highest in Kazakhstan and Central Asia storey skyscraper Abu Dhabi Plaza is scheduled for The new sports facilities of Astana include the 30,seat closed stadium Astana-Arena and a unique 10,seat SaryArka National Cycling Centre acknowledged as the best cycling facility in the world in

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